St. Agnes Catholic School Arts & Music Program

Arts Program

All students in Pre-K through 8th grade have art class once a week. Art students participate in art history, art production, and art criticism activities.

Early Childhood and Primary grades focus on the process of creating art while experimenting with how art materials work together while painting, drawing, and sculpting. Elementary students grow as artists and begin to develop a broader understanding of the elements of art and the principles of design. Middle School students focus on observational drawing and developing a more personal artistic voice.

All students also study artists and art movements through analyzing famous artwork, watching videos, and reading about artists. By analyzing the artwork of famous artists, their peers, and themselves; students learn the process of art criticism and evaluation.

Music Program

The Music program at St. Agnes Catholic School focuses on the development of the proper use of classroom instruments, as well as an introduction to note reading. Dancing and movement activities, as well as creative listening activities, are included in music lessons. Students are encouraged to display their creativity through musical performance, whether it is singing, dancing, or instrumental. Intermediate and Middle School students have the opportunity to join our Choir. 


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