The talented faculty and staff of St. Agnes School faithfully represent the Gospel values of our Catholic beliefs in both words and actions. As lifelong learners, these dedicated educators are committed to professional development as they nurture the intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of our young people within a student-centered learning environment.


Principal: Dr. Rahshida Wilson |        

Office Manager: Mrs. Danielle McNeill |

Office Assistant: Mrs. Theresa Pack |

Teachers and Instructional Aides

3Pre-Kindergarten 3: Michaela Decker |

Pre-Kindergarten 3 Aide: Thomas Kelly|

Pre-Kindergarten 4: Karen Goldberg |

Pre-Kindergarten 4 Aide: Hoda Abdalla |

Pre-Kindergarten Aid: Anna Maria Hairston |

Kindergarten: Mrs. Alison Bucklin |

Kindergarten: Amy Marts |

1st Grade: Mrs. Virginia Peters |

2nd Grade: Shelley Linton | 

3rd/4th Grade: Rachel Anderson |

4th-8th Science: Katie White |

4th-8th Social Studies: Dominique Bass |

5th-8th Math: Oluwatobiloba Ige |

3rd-8th Social Studies: Toni Nickel |

Art: Danielle Long |

Religion/Music: Daniel Baker |

Spanish: Lyoda Guerara |

Technology/ P.E.: Mr. Alex White|


Nurse: Mrs. Anna Conaway |

Guidance Counselor:  Ms. Yannika Crowell|

Teacher/Student Liason/Culture and Climate: Daniel Sampson |

Before/After Care Director: Aisha Austin |