The talented faculty and staff of St. Agnes Catholic School faithfully represent the Gospel values of our Catholic beliefs in both words and actions. As lifelong learners, these dedicated educators are committed to professional development as they nurture the intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of our young people within a student-centered learning environment.


Principal: Ms. Arlisa Ledbetter |      

Pastor: Father Isaac Makovo | 


Business Manager: Danielle McNeill | 

Receptionist: Re’Marri Sterling  | 

Nurse: Grace Vukcevich|

School Counselor: Celia Bechtel |  

Resource Teacher: Nicole Malczewski | 

Facilities Manager: Tyler Weedon | 


Pre-Kindergarten 3: Ms. Tachia Silva | 

Pre-Kindergarten 3 Assistant:  Ms. Tameka Gross | 

Pre-Kindergarten 4: Mrs. Karen Goldberg | 

Pre-Kindergarten 4 Assistant: Mrs. Hillary Schenning | 

Kindergarten Teacher: Mrs. Amy Marts |

1st Grade: Mrs. Virginia Peters |

1st Grade Assistant:  Ms. Shelley Linton | 

1st Grade: Ms. Kim Brydie |

2nd Grade: Ms. Erica Harmon |

2nd Grade: Ms. Jael Smith |

3rd Grade: Mrs. Rachel Anderson-White |

4th Grade: Ms. Donya Zimmerman |

5th Grade: Mr. Ryan McCalla |

Middle School Social Studies: Mrs. Anne Muha | 

Middle School Math: Sheryl Aquino |

Middle School Math & Science: Quanique McClary | 

Middle School English Language Arts: Robert Barnard | 

3rd – 8th Grade Religion: Mrs. Terri Houck  | 

Art: Ms. Jode Alotaibi | 

Music/Band/Choir: Daniel Baker |

Physical Education: Mr. Alex White |

Technology: Mr. Alex White|

Spanish Teacher: Melissa Velez |

Before and After Care

After Care Director: Ms. Tameka Gross |

Before and After Care Lead Teacher: Ms. Shelley Linton | 

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