On Thursday, November 18th, we will celebrate the generosity of our St. Agnes community as students gather together and enjoy a jog/walk-a-thon with some fun twists, turns, and treats along the way!

Contributions from family, friends, neighbors made on behalf of a student or family count toward H.S.A. 2021-2022 volunteer hours. Families can earn up to 10 hours for contributions of $200 or more ($20 per VH).

Corporate Sponsorships

St. Agnes is fortunate enough to partner with local and national companies that support us with the tools and resources to enhance our students’ learning experience.
If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Ms. Mrs. Danielle McNeill, Business Manager,


603 St Agnes Lane
Baltimore,MD 21229
(410) 747-4070

Open enrollment starts January 20, 2023!