Why Catholic Education Matters 

Now, more than ever, the world needs what Catholic schools have to offer – the high standards, the moral foundation and the positive, compassionate energy our society needs right now.

The story of Catholic education in Baltimore begins in 1634. Maryland was settled as a refuge for English Catholics. In 1789, when the Archdiocese of Baltimore was established as the first Catholic diocese in the United States. In 1810, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton laid the foundation for the Catholic school system in the United States by opening her school for girls in Baltimore. In 1829, Mother Mary Lange founded America’s first Catholic school for girls of color.

That spirit of education has been in our hearts ever since, and it’s played out in our school every day. Here, every student is valued. Learning is celebrated. Faith is strengthened. And we provide the rigorous, advanced education that our children need.

And for all of us, clergy, religious and laity, providing that education is far more than a job. It’s a higher calling.

Catholic schools are founded in faith. We help students realize the full potential of their God given abilities. By bringing Christ’s message of service to others above self; the promise of eternal life that raises Catholic education to a higher level.

We also demonstrate that Catholic schools rise to the high standards of instruction today’s world demands, particularly in math, science and technology.

St. Agnes Catholic School challenges students and teachers to go beyond the status quo and exceed expectations.

Catholic Schools, Rise Above.