The St. Agnes Catholic School Board would like to welcome you to St. Agnes. Our dedicated faculty and staff create an environment that will nurture the mind, body, and spirit of your child as he or she grows and develops from pre-school through the all-important middle school years. We are thankful that you have entrusted the education of your child to us, and look forward to working in partnership with you as we embark on another school year. 

To create an opportunity for each child to grow and flourish to his or her potential within our faith-based community, there are certain expectations and standards to which all must adhere. The parent handbook outlines many of the expectations, rights, and responsibilities of students, faculty, administration, and parents. Please review it carefully; these are policies that will be followed throughout the school year. Questions may arise in the course of the year that are not addressed in the handbook; please feel free to contact the School Administration with any questions you may have or concerns that you may have. 

Looking forward to a happy and productive school year, we remain in Christ, 

St. Agnes Catholic School Board

Board Members

Mr. Mike Forest, Chair

Fr. Isaac Makovo, Canonical Representative 

Ms. Arlisa S. Ledbetter, Principal

Mrs. Kathy Acosta

Mrs. Joanne Rutkowski

Mr. Terry Graham

Sister. Mary Madeline, OP


School Governance (Limited Jurisdiction)

St. Agnes School Board follows a governance model that is deliberative, assists in leadership, and makes key decisions on budget, development, marketing and strategic planning. Within this model, the Pastor of the St. Agnes Parish serves as the Canonical Representative – a spiritual leader who oversees the Catholic Identity of the School.